Mission & Discipleship – January 2010

The Church of Scotland’s Mission & Discipleship Council enews is (in their own words) “packed with information on events, resources and websites that may be of interest to church folk throughout Scotland”. Among the events listed in the January edition are those run by Biblefresh, a partnership of over 50 agencies, festivals, colleges and denominations that are joining forces to help people grow in appetite and confidence in the scriptures during the year 2011, to coincide with the 400th anniversary celebrations of the King James Version of the Bible. Also featured is a “Valuing Volunteers Workshop” to be held in Glasgow at the end of January. This seeks to recognise the part played by volunteers in the life of the church and help them develop their skills.

The newsletter also contains an update from the kirk’s Panel on Review and Reform as it seeks to provide a model whereby presbyteries, and by extension congregations, can be more mission-focused. Read it at Mission & Discipleship 41 – January 2010

Minimum pricing of alcohol

The Scottish Parliament is currently considering new legislation that contains far reaching proposals about the sale of alcohol. Some of the proposals contained in the Bill, especially the proposal to introduce a minimum price for a unit of alcohol, are in line with principles supported by the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland over the last 25 years.

The Kirk’s Church & Society Council hopes to encourage people to write to the main alcohol producers and their MSPs to support moves to introduce minimum pricing. Sample letters are included in the resources on their website.

The evidence of the problems that abuse of alcohol can cause in our society shows up more in our hospitals and on our streets. Please take this opportunity to help effect change in our legislation which will benefit us all.

Mission & Discipleship – December 2009

The December 2009 e-newsletter from the Church of Scotland’s Mission & Discipleship Council contains information on events, resources and websites that may be of interest. Included among the events listed are: a series on developing worship, a day conference looking at what it means to be human in the 21st century in relation to Ethical, Scientific and Faith issues and developing new models of eldership. There are resources listed in relation to making better use of church buildings, music in church and information about Breathing Space, where experienced advisers will listed and provide information and advice to those feeling down or depressed. There is also information about, and a chance to take part in, an Open University study about What it Means to Be a Christian Today. The full e-newsletter can be viewed at Mission & Discipleship 40 – December 2009