Mission & Discipleship – Summer 2010

TO BOLDLY GO… is the title of the 2010 National Youth Assembly. 16–25 year-olds with a Church of Scotland connection are invited to take part in four days of thinking about mission for a 21st Century Scotland, exploring what to say to the Church about Fashion, Politics, Violence and Peacemaking. More information about this and other events taking place during the summer is available on the Church of Scotland’s Mission & Discipleship Council’s online newsletter.
The newsletter also contains details about a variety of resources that church folk might find useful. Among those listed in the current edition is BIBLEFRESH, a new initiative from a number of partner organisations – including the Scottish Bible Society – to encourage people to engage with the Bible in new ways in 2011. There are four key areas in which it seeks to inspire churches and individuals: Reading the Bible; Being trained in handling the Bible; Supporting translation work; and Experiencing the Bible in new and creative ways.
Information about these and other events and resources can be read at Mission & Discipleship 46 – Summer 2010

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