Mission & Discipleship 55 – April 2011

The April edition of the Church of Scotland Mission & Discipleship Council’s e-news gives information on events, resources and websites that may be of interest to church folk throughout Scotland. With around 40 events and resources listed in the newsletter there is truly ‘something for everyone’.
Among the featured events are Roll Away the Stone on 22nd May when the Church of Scotland will take over a large area of Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh for a time of ‘Celebration, Inspiration and Discovery’, beginning with reflections around a huge cross. At the Bandstand, in the avenue and fountain areas, and in St Cuthbert’s Church at the west end of the Gardens, there will be space for worship, praise and singing. The programme includes: Easter Play Scenes, Storytelling, Massed Choirs, Church Stories, Fischy Music, 5-a-side football, Youth and Kids, Picnic, Comedy, Puppets, Discussion, Bands and Orchestra.
Among the resources listed in the newsletter is Oremus Bible Browser: a tool that functions as an online concordance, enabling you to copy and paste passages from the Bible straight into documents.
Read about these and much more at Mission & Discipleship 55 – April 2011

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