Good News – July 2011

The Church of Scotland has joined the world of social media with an official Facebook page ( and Twitter account (@churchscotland). This is one of the news items on the latest edition of the Kirk’s Good News bulletin. If you are a user of these social media sites then why not add the Church of Scotland to your list of favourites? There is also a Youtube page ( but this looks to be still at the embryonic stage.
Also in the newsletter is an invitation to take part in The Big Blether. Dr Steve Mallon, Mission and Discipleship Council Secretary, said:
“We are keen to hear peoples’ views on how they understand the word ‘mission’ today. In the 21st Century, post-modern, post-Christian, disconnected and connected world that we all live in how can the Church of Scotland engage with the 90 per cent of people who have nothing to do with any of the churches? We want to hear views on three key elements of congregational life: worship, witness and discipleship. We want to re-imagine the understanding and practice of these elements so that we can do them in ways that will stand a chance of being noticed by the people to whom we are currently invisible.”
The Council is eager to connect and engage with people and get your views, experiences and perspectives. To join the discussion visit and have your say on issues such as:
How accessible is the church to new people? and
What could we be doing to get more people through the door?
Elsewhere in the newsletter, the Right Reverend David Arnott, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, gives his views on the recent (current?) phone-hacking scandal, welcomes the UK Government’s decision on the 1994 Chinook helicopter crash on the Mull of Kintyre and reports on the launch of The People’s Bible project in Edinburgh. Read the latest edition of the newsletter at Good News – July 2011

Mission & Discipleship 58 – July 2011

As ever, the latest newsletter from the Church of Scotland’s Mission & Discipleship Council is packed full of events, activities and resources of interest and covers everything from academic seminars to worship events to children’s activities, and much more. Among the many items listed this month are:
AN EVENING WITH DAVE BILBROUGH: a worship-orientated evening supplemented by some solo songs and anecdotes from Dave, who has three decades of experience in the worship arena. ‘All Hail the Lamb’, ‘I Am a New Creation’ and ‘Abba Father’ are among his many compositions that are sung worldwide by Christians of all denominations. Recent years have seen him developing a vision towards integrating musical influences from around the world to create authentic new sounds of worship. His ministry brings an emphasis on the grace and faithfulness of God, and uninhibited praise and reconciliation. 8 September, 7.30pm, Falkirk Old & St Modan’s Parish Church £8 (£6 concessions)
SAMOSA SUNDAY: Churches are invited to hold a special lunch (samosas, soup, sandwiches etc) on behalf of The Well Multi-Cultural Advice Centre in Glasgow. A resource pack (sermon outline, children’s resources and information about The Well) are now available. 11 September – the 10th anniversary of ‘9/11’. This can be used as an opportunity to show Christ’s love to those of other faiths and cultures.
THE GLASGOW PASSION 2011: a new and modern interpretation of the greatest story ever told. Over the centuries it has been expressed in different ways but this fresh adaptation, by Scottish playwright Rob Drummond, engages with contemporary culture and promises to enthral and challenge today’s audience. 6 October, 7.30pm, George Square, Glasgow. Free, but tickets are required for entry.
Read the full newsletter at Mission & Discipleship 58 – July 2011

Church and Society News – July/August 2011

The Summer 2011 edition of the newsletter from the Church of Scotland’s Church and Society Council starts with a feature on sectarianism. The Council states “Sectarianism isn’t about ‘them and us’ – there is only us. We are all part of the same human family; we are all neighbours sharing this land together” – read what the Moderator of the General Assembly has to say on the issue.
Next year the Special Commission of the Purposes of Economic Activity will report to the General Assembly. The Council wishes to hear our views on four vital questions (below) and suggests “Why not discuss these at your House Group, Kirk Session, Youth Group or Guild?” and invites us to send our answers and other comments to: fbrown [at]
1 How important do you think economics is in the life of each of us?
2 Do you think the Church has anything to say about the current economic situation?
3 What would you change about the current economic system?
4 What can the Church do to ensure that our economic system serves the needs of the poor?
And, of course, there is much more in the newsletter which can be read from Church and Society News – Summer 2011