Mission & Discipleship 64 – January 2012

The latest news bulletin from the Church of Scotland’s Mission & Discipleship Council contains details of events and resources that may be of interest to church people across Scotland (and beyond). Among the events listed is one called ‘Work, Prayer, Thought’ led by Ian Fraser who, according to the newsletter, “is arguably Scotland’s greatest living theologian, whose theology is lived out in action, prayer and poetry”. This conference provides a rare opportunity to explore, in the round, the ways in which Ian’s gifts of thought and language have expressed themselves, in a unique witness for our times. It takes place in Stirling on 24 March and further details are available in the newsletter.

The newsletter also contains details of a variety of events being run by the Scottish Storytelling Centre to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns, information about new publications from Saint Andrew’s Press as well as details of new worship and mission resources provided by the Mission & Discipleship Council. Read the full newsletter at Mission & Discipleship 64 – January 2012

Church and Society News – January 2012

The latest edition of enews from the Church and Society Council of the Church of Scotland covers such diverse subjects as homelessness, a toilet-twinning charity initiative, Bible-study material for Lent and Fairtrade Easter Eggs. There is also a review of the Moderator’s Christmas visit to Bethlehem.

Looking forward to Lent, which starts on 22nd February, the Church and Society Council has prepared Bible Study and discussion material to encourage people to look at current issues and consider how to be ‘salt and light’ in our communities. The 6 topics are: Fair Trade; One Scotland, Many Cultures; Mental Health; The Internet; Nuclear Weapons; Money Matters? The leaflets and Bible studies are all free to download or can be ordered from their office.

Before that, the period from 28 January to 5 February is Poverty & Homeless Action Week and there is news about a series of online resources calling on people throughout the churches to show solidarity with people who are pushed to the edge of our society.
Read the full newsletter at Church and Society – January 2012

Earlier editions of the enews weren’t posted on our blog at the time of their publication, but are now available. Link to them here:
Church and Society – December 2011
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Mission & Discipleship 63 – December 2011

The December 2011 edition of the Church of Scotland’s enews from the Mission & Discipleship Council features information about a large number of events and resources to start the New Year 2012. Among them are a series of Contextual Bible Studies run by Christian Aid and a program of events focusing on worship and leadership from the Mission & Discipleship Council.

Information is given about PRAY NOW 2012 – Daily Devotions on the Theme of Time from the Pray Now Group. This popular annual collection of modern prayers, written by individuals, prayer groups and leaders of worship, is for everyone, whatever their denomination. It offers a place to start when you feel you have no words of your own, and prayer activities that allow time to think and space to listen. This year’s theme is ‘Time’. The Pray Now Group is a team of experts who care deeply about the role of prayer in our lives. Drawn from an ecumenically minded Church of Scotland group, their work is written for a wide, diverse and international readership.

In addition, there is information about PRAY IT FORWARD – a new initiative from Mission & Discipleship featuring an attractive collection of high quality cards carrying a range of blessings inspired from scripture, for churches and individuals to give away free to others. The aim of the cards is to encourage and bless the recipient, and to encourage them to pray for, and bless, someone else in turn, i.e. to focus outward, and not just on what God can do for ME! They are ideal for use in outreach, pastoral care and personal contexts, e.g. pop one in with each Christmas card you send. Each box of 80 cards features an assortment of 8 different designs. £5 per box.
Read the full enews at Mission & Discipleship 63 – December 2011