Mission & Discipleship 63 – December 2011

The December 2011 edition of the Church of Scotland’s enews from the Mission & Discipleship Council features information about a large number of events and resources to start the New Year 2012. Among them are a series of Contextual Bible Studies run by Christian Aid and a program of events focusing on worship and leadership from the Mission & Discipleship Council.

Information is given about PRAY NOW 2012 – Daily Devotions on the Theme of Time from the Pray Now Group. This popular annual collection of modern prayers, written by individuals, prayer groups and leaders of worship, is for everyone, whatever their denomination. It offers a place to start when you feel you have no words of your own, and prayer activities that allow time to think and space to listen. This year’s theme is ‘Time’. The Pray Now Group is a team of experts who care deeply about the role of prayer in our lives. Drawn from an ecumenically minded Church of Scotland group, their work is written for a wide, diverse and international readership.

In addition, there is information about PRAY IT FORWARD – a new initiative from Mission & Discipleship featuring an attractive collection of high quality cards carrying a range of blessings inspired from scripture, for churches and individuals to give away free to others. The aim of the cards is to encourage and bless the recipient, and to encourage them to pray for, and bless, someone else in turn, i.e. to focus outward, and not just on what God can do for ME! They are ideal for use in outreach, pastoral care and personal contexts, e.g. pop one in with each Christmas card you send. Each box of 80 cards features an assortment of 8 different designs. £5 per box.
Read the full enews at Mission & Discipleship 63 – December 2011

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