Church and Society News – February 2012

The latest edition of the monthly newsletter produced by the Church and Society Council of the Church of Scotland reports on the launch of a fair trade agricultural project in the Jezreel Valley in Galilee, Israel. This Arab-Jewish cooperative, an olive-producing project, helps empower women and is a sign of hope for a people and a land. The newsletter also looks forward to Fair Trade Fortnight which runs from 27 February to 11 March and provides web links to various promotional material, resources and ideas.

There is also news of material produced by the Council for Lent discussion groups, details of a survey of attitudes among Jewish people living in Scotland, and a joint event called Equipped to Transform 2012 run by Scripture Union Scotland, Tearfund and the Church of Scotland Priority Areas Group. This event aims to equip and inspire individuals and churches to build inclusive communities that welcome and value disadvantaged children and young people. The full newsletter can be read from Church and Society – February 2012

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