Mission & Discipleship 65 – February 2012

The February 2012 newsletter from the Church of Scotland’s Mission & Discipleship Council contains details of a number of events, conferences and resources of interest to church folk all over Scotland. There is something here for everyone.
Among the events listed is HEART and SOUL 2012: the follow-up to last year’s Roll Away the Stone celebration on General Assembly Sunday in Princes Street Gardens. This year’s event will embrace the full length and breadth of West Princes Street Gardens, with more attractions, stalls, exhibitors, and activities for children and young people. Sunday 20 May, 1–6pm. For further information and to apply, visit the Heart and Soul website.
Another is a series of conferences called WHY BELIEVE? Two conferences have been organised to help people ‘give a reason’ for the faith. The emphasis will be on workshops to help church members explore contemporary ways of responding both to new questions and classic issues, like science, suffering and pluralism, and also to explore the opportunities of today’s changing social contexts in presenting the claims of Jesus Christ. The first is called “What can I say? – commending faith in a sceptical age” and takes place on 12 May in Edinburgh and the second, “How can I say it? – sharing faith in a post-modern age” is on 27 October in Glasgow. More details in the newsletter.
Life and Work feature writer, Jackie Macadam, has a request…
We’re thinking about a series called ‘The Sign of the Cross’, where we’ll feature special crosses in churches across Scotland. Some churches have crosses made for a special reason or by a special person. Maybe even out of a special material. Or for a particular reason. We’ll be looking for a good photograph of the cross and tell its story. Could I ask people working in churches across the community to keep an eye open for interesting crosses and get me in touch with someone who will tell the story. Please email jmacadam [at] lifeandwork.org and tell her all about the cross that holds a special place in your church or community.
Read the full newsletter at Mission & Discipleship 65 – February 2012

1 thought on “Mission & Discipleship 65 – February 2012

  1. Really appreciate you using the material in this way — good to get the information out there — thanks Mark Johnstone, Convener of the Mission and Discipleship Council

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