Church and Society News – April 2012

The April 2012 newsletter from the Church and Society Council of the Church of Scotland encourages us to Close the Gap, i.e. the gap between rich and poor, in a campaign run by Church Action on Poverty. According to the newsletter, the campaign is “built around ordinary people and churches pledging to join the movement and do what they can. If we Give, Act and Pray together, we can build a more equal society. Happier, Healthier. Safer. Fairer.”
There is news from Eco-Congregation Scotland and the kirk’s Society, Religion & Technology Project (SRT); news about the Council’s participation in Heart & Soul 2012 and a look forward to the General Assembly in May, when the Council will be reporting on, among other things, Barriers to Literacy, the Commission on the Purposes of Economic Activity, Domestic Abuse, Give us our Daily Bread, Homelessness: achieving the 2012 pledge, Human Trafficking, Neurobiology (free will and moral responsibility) and Sectarianism.
Read the newsletter here.

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