Mission & Discipleship 68 – May 2012

The latest e-newsletter from the Church of Scotland’s Mission & Discipleship Council contains details of many different events and resources of interest to church people throughout Scotland. Among the events listed are:
Mission Shaped Ministry – a one-year, part-time course designed to help people develop practical knowledge and skills which will help them engage their community with the Gospel. It has been developed through Fresh Expressions (www.freshexpressions.org.uk) in partnership with various denominations, with the Church of Scotland involved on a less formal basis to date. A ‘fresh expression’ of church is described as “a form of church for our changing culture, established primarily for the benefit of people who are not yet members of any church”. Individuals or teams, leaders and members, clergy and lay people learn side by side in the sessions to make MSM a major contributor to lay and ordained ministry training. The course begins on 8th September 2012.
There is an invitation to visit the Mission & Discipleship tent at Heart and Soul 2012 on Sunday 20 May in Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh. They say, “Come along and enjoy a cuppa and a good blether at the Café or take part in one of the debates or workshops spanning comedy, music, art and topical discussion. Learn more about the work of Mission Forum and the breadth and depth of the work of one of the Church’s major Councils. Or just come and play with the Lego and have your face painted – we’d love to see you!”
Talking up the Eldership is an annual event which has been running for four years and is open to all elders in all congregations, whether they are new or well experienced. This year’s event is on Saturday 26th May in Kirkcaldy when the workshop leaders are Mission & Discipleship’s Presbytery Adult Trainers from five different Presbyteries who are all involved in continually looking at the eldership role and what it entails today. The material used is up-to-date and relevant, not set in tablets of stone, and will be presented by each of them in their own inimitable way! There is so much to be gained from the interaction with other elders – quite apart from the workshops – that this kind of day is well worth attending.
Why Believe? is a resource to encourage the Scottish churches to provide a reasoned case for Christian belief (apologetics) amid the challenges and opportunities of today’s Scotland. It brings together a group of Christians of different denominations, administered within the Mission & Discipleship Council, and also supported by ACTS (Action of Churches Together in Scotland). To download the ‘What Can I Say?’ leaflet, giving brief responses to some things that people say about Christianity, click here.
Read the full newsletter from Mission & Discipleship 68 – May 2012

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