Playing catch-up

It’s been a while since we updated our blog with news from the wider church. On the plus side, this news can be found elsewhere – mainly by following the links from the main Church of Scotland website – but we had intended that newsletters from the kirk’s Church & Society and Mission & Discipleship Councils would also be posted here regularly. In an attempt to rectify this gap, we’ve posted some of the links from recent newsletters below.

Church & Society Council

The September 2012 edition of the Church & Society Council newsletter has a feature on Creation Time, an article on Food Insecurity and news of new Scripture Union resources for schools.

The October 2012 edition contains an article on Mental Health Issues, looks forward to the Tax Justice Bus Tour and National Ethical Investment Week , both of which were happening in October.

The November 2012 edition features Prisoners’ Week Scotland, invites participation in a conference to discuss Human Trafficking and reports on how the National Youth Assembly is supporting the White Ribbon Campaign working to end men’s violence against women.

The Winter 2012/13 edition focuses on Economics and Poverty, under the sub-heading of a right relationship with money. There’s a guide for congregations toward paying the living wage and a feature on Poverty and Homelessness Action Week, which ran from 23 January – 3 February 2013.

The February 2013 edition takes Climate Change as its theme. The main message is that it’s time to take action and Adrian Shaw, Climate Change Officer at The Church of Scotland shares ways in which congregations can do so.

Mission & Discipleship Council

Much of what appears in the M&D Council’s newsletter relates to events and activities, and the dates of these listed below may well now be in the past. Nevertheless, for the sake of completeness and for information, we’ve posted the newsletters anyway.

Mission & Discipleship 72 – September 2012 includes news of a conference called ‘Resourcing our Living through Reflection and Prayer’ and introduces resources for Creation Time, taking place that month.

Mission & Discipleship 74 – November 2012 looks forward to two conferences happening in early 2013: a Session Clerks’ conference in January and ‘Different Voices’ in March, for those involved in music in the church. There is an intimation that Pray Now 2013 is now available. Pray Now is a collection of modern prayers that can be used by all denominations, by individuals, prayer groups and leaders of worship. The newsletter also has a link to resources that may be used to mark World AIDS Day on 1 December.

Mission & Discipleship 75 – December 2012 invites people to join a tour to Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories in May 2013. According to the newsletter “The purpose of the tour is threefold; to visit places associated with the life and ministry of Jesus, to meet with partner churches and organisations of the Church of Scotland, and to learn about the current situation in Israel and Palestine by travelling both in Israel and in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and by meeting local people.”

Mission & Discipleship 76 – January 2013 provides early news of this year’s National Youth Assembly taking place in Dundee in September. Looking at issues of identity the theme is “Who Do You Say I Am?”

Mission & Discipleship 77 – February 2013 has an article of special interest to young adults. “Each year COSY (Church of Scotland Youth) offers several young adults the opportunity to travel overseas and represent the Church of Scotland at events run by some of our partner churches. 2013 is no exception, with trips to Israel / Palestine, the Czech Republic and Taiwan anticipated.” The newsletter gives further details on the application process for those interested.

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