Mission & Discipleship eNews – March 2013

The latest monthly newsletter from the Mission & Discipleship Council of the Church of Scotland has, as always, a whole raft of events, activities and resources of interest to church people throughout Scotland.

Coming soon is a conference called Different Voices, a national music event taking place in Edinburgh on 15 & 16 March.

During April 2013 the Mission & Discipleship Council will be undertaking a major piece of research about the Eldership and is keen to hear from elders themselves about their “experiences, aspirations, insights and perspectives.” The Council hope to use this information to formulate proposals for the future development and training of elders. Consultations will be taking place at various venues across Scotland between 16th and 25th April.

Who do you say I am?” is the title of this year’s National Youth Assembly, for those aged 17-25 who have a connection with the Church of Scotland. The focus will be ‘What it is to be me’, ‘What it is to be in the Church of Scotland’ and ‘What it is to be Scottish’ and there will be workshops, small group discussions, worship, a gala dinner, late night sessions and much more besides! The NYA runs from 16–19 August (5pm Friday – 5pm Monday) in Dundee and further details are given in the newsletter

Elsewhere in the newsletter there are details of resources for individuals and churches, a section of interest to churches in rural communities and news of a couple of trust funds that congregations may wish to use for funding special projects.

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