A Steep Learning Curve

The following article was copied from our recent church newsletter.
In it, Cameron Gray, an officer in our Boys’ Brigade Company, speaks about his recent trip to Argentina to climb Mount Aconcagua as part of his ‘Engage a Generation Seven Summits Challenge’:

So, first things first, I’m back in one piece having had the trip of a lifetime. Aconcagua was more challenging than I could ever have imagined, but the mountaineering experience that I have gained will be invaluable in future. Unfortunately on this occasion the summit was just out of reach, as I made the decision to turn around in 60-80kph winds having made it to Camp 3 at 6,000 metres.

Oddly enough it’s a decision that I don’t regret, because the most important thing was being there and trying to achieve something. With the support of our amazing church congregation, our fantastic BB Company and a good number of other people we’ve now raised around £1,100 for BB Scotland and it seems to keep on rising. We’ve made the Cumbernauld News, and I’ve had countless messages of support (including a fantastic card from Catriona). I called my 7 Summits Project ‘Engage a Generation’ at the outset, and it appears the engagement is exactly what we’re getting. I’ve been humbled by how it’s all taken off.

Cameron Gray on Aconcagua

So, what next? Well I’ll have to go back to Argentina, but first I’m off to Russia to climb Mount Elbrus (keep your eyes peeled, as you may see it on the BBC during the Winter Olympics)… I’m also working my way round various BB Companies doing presentations on the project, and we’re trying to set up some Scotland-based events to get people participating in things, so it’s an exciting time.

I do just want to emphasise though how grateful I am to all of you for your love and support. It was never going to be easy, but when I sometimes wonder whether it’s worth it, it’s great to look at all the people who’ve sent a message or made a donation.

Thank you, you’re helping to make a huge difference to the lives of young people. Together I really do believe that we can ‘Engage a Generation’.

Remember, you can keep up-to-date with the latest news on Facebook – just search for Engage a Generation 7 Summits

Cameron Gray
Lieutenant 1st Cumbernauld Boys’ Brigade

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