Cumbernauld Old Vacancy Update

The Parish of Cumbernauld Old became vacant with the retirement of Rev Catriona Ogilvie on 30 September 2015. Although it may seem on the outside that we have been ‘treading water’ since then, there has been a lot of work done behind the scenes preparing the groundwork for our search for a new minister. Most importantly, of course, the work of the church has continued: church services continue each week and our organisations also continue to meet.
Cumbernauld Old is still very much alive and kicking!

We are about to enter the next significant phase of our vacancy, so this is a good time to bring everyone up-to-date with where we are and what happens next.

Firstly, Falkirk Presbytery appointed Rev Grace Saunders, the minister of Condorrat Parish Church, as our Interim Moderator and she has put a lot of work into obtaining pulpit supply, chairing meetings and such like. We hope to be in a position to appoint a locum minister in the very near future.

Secondly, and significantly, Falkirk Presbytery has advised us that we are free to call a minister, in other words we will not be going into a linkage or union with another congregation or calling a minister for a fixed-term, say five years, appointment in the immediate future.

The next major step is to elect a Nominating Committee. This used to be called a Vacancy Committee and it will be their job to advertise, interview, and finally bring to the congregation a ‘sole nominee’ for the vacant charge. Only Communicant members and adherents of Cumbernauld Old may vote in this election and so it is important that the ‘Electoral Roll’ of the church is up-to-date. It is the responsibility of each member to make sure they are on the Electoral Roll should they wish to vote in the election of the Nominating Committee. To that end a copy of the Electoral Roll will be available for inspection at close of public worship at the Parish Church and also at the Forge Community Centre, Balloch on Sunday 31st January.

The election of the Nominating Committee will take place at the end of a joint worship service at the Parish Church in the Village on Sunday 21st February.

Meanwhile, other members of the congregation are involved in drafting a Parish Profile, which among other things describes our church and our parish and what type of minister we’d like to welcome to join us; and others still are looking after practical matters such as the Manse, finances, paperwork, etc.

But, as we said, the work of the church continues and will continue throughout the length of the vacancy, however short or long that may be.
Please keep Cumbernauld Old in your prayers, both as we continue God’s work in this parish and also as we move into the future.


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