Christingle Service

ChristingleCumbernauld Old Parish Church sends a warm invitation to people of all ages to come along to our Christingle Service on Sunday 24th December (Christmas Eve!) at 4.30pm at the Forge Community Centre, Balloch.

Hear again the Christmas Story and make a Christingle to take home.  Continue reading to find out more.

So what is a Christingle Service? It is a service when we sing traditional carols, hear Christmas stories and make a Christingle. A Christingle is an orange which is decorated with a red ribbon, cocktail sticks, raisins and sweets with a candle in the middle. Each of these has a special meaning.

The candle (we use glow sticks because they are much safer!) represents Christ as the light of the world, the orange is the world, the ribbon is tied around the orange to symbolize God’s love for everyone, the raisins represent God’s creation and the sweets the numerous blessings that we receive from God.

We will make the Christingles at the service and they can be taken home afterwards.
It is a fun service – suitable for children and adults alike, ALL are very welcome.

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