Sunday 5th July

190728_080 Cumbernauld Old Parish Church, July 2019Welcome to the service of worship from Cumbernauld Old Parish Church for Sunday 5th July 2020. This week’s service is at

You can worship with us at any time of your own choosing, but why not join us at 11am on Sunday morning when we can all watch and join in together, wherever we are.

As with all our worship services this Sunday’s service is available to all, so please feel free to share with any family or friends. Please also check out our Facebook page for all the latest news from Cumbernauld Old.

A reminder, too, that your are welcome to join us for a ‘Coffee and Chat’ meet-up using Zoom every Wednesday afternoon at 3.00pm. You don’t need to have a computer to join in as you can use your telephone to join in the fun as well as join with video. If you would like to join in, please contact Elspeth (01236 728853) for the details of how to take part. Again, please let your friends and family know – the more, the merrier! You will need to bring your own coffee / tea and home-bakes though!

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