Christmas Fund-raisers

Whisper it, but Christmas is not that far away and Cumbernauld Old has a wee fund-raising initiative we’d like to mention.

Christmas fund-raiser 2020Festively-dressed chocolate oranges are available for £3 each and would make an ideal stocking-filler. Each ‘cover’ is individually hand-knitted and designs include Santa Hats, Bobble Hats and Christmas Puddings. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary or as a ‘wee minder’ for the postman, bin men etc. look no further!

If you would like to buy one – or more – please phone Elizabeth on (01236) 726451 and we will deliver them to your door (assuming you live locally of course!).  Our chocolate oranges are an easy and fun way to help our church’s funds at this challenging time. Thank-you!

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