Worship for Sunday 18th April

Cumbernauld Old Parish Church invites you to join our online worship service for Sunday 18th April, the Third Sunday of Easter. Worship is led by our minister, Rev Elspeth McKay and you can watch our service and join in (if you wish!) by clicking on the video link below.

You are welcome to watch at any time, but why not worship with us at or around 11am on Sunday morning? This is our usual time of worship when we are able to meet together in the church building and many of us still worship online around that time at home. You will be among friends, even if we’re not all together in the same building!

Worship from Cumbernauld Old Parish Church for Sunday 18th April

As with all our worship services, this Sunday’s service is available to all, so please feel free to share with any family or friends. Please also check out our Facebook page for all the latest news from Cumbernauld Old.

Church Re-opening

We will be reopening our doors for Sunday worship ‘in person’ on Sunday 25th April at 11am and thereafter on the last Sunday of every month. We look forward to welcoming you back, or welcoming you for the first time, as we meet as a family of God’s people under one roof again.
Worship services from Cumbernauld Old will also continue to be available online.

Because of the need to limit numbers for the purposes of social distancing, a booking system will apply for those wishing to attend worship in church – details are on our website.
Please note that Government restrictions are still in place, so face coverings need to be worn, hand sanitisers will need to be used and we won’t be able to sing during our worship.

Coffee Jar collection

If you have been saving your small change in coffee jars or other similar containers, then please bring them along to church on 25th April if you are coming to worship with us in person, or feel free to drop them off at the manse when you are next in the area.
Our ‘coffee jar’ offerings have been donated to the Toilet Twinning charity for the past two years and so the plan is that this year’s offerings will go to a local charity, although we have not yet decided on a specific cause as yet. We’ll let you know more once a decision has been made.

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