Worship on Sunday 29th August

On Sunday 29th August there will be a service in Cumbernauld Old Parish Church at 11.00am and all are welcome to attend. Worship will be led by the minister, Rev Elspeth McKay.

There is no longer any need to book in advance, but we ask that you try to maintain a safe distance between yourself / your family group and other worshippers while in the church sanctuary. You will still need to wear a face covering, use the hand sanitiser provided and leave your contact details for Test & Protect.

The Bible reading for Sunday is Mark 7: 1-8, 14-15, 21-23 and the hymns (from CH4) are:
198 – Let us build a house where love can dwell
694 – Brother, sister let me serve you
253 – Inspired by love and anger
436 – Christ triumphant, ever reigning

The Kirk Session has agreed to return to weekly services in the church at 11.00am and these, including our service on Sunday, will be ‘live-streamed’ on our Facebook page for those who are unable to attend. Please note that you don’t need to sign-up to Facebook to view these services, they are available to all  Because they are ‘live’ you will need to watch them at 11.00am though.

This Sunday also marks the last of our series of pre-recorded Sunday worship services and is available to view from the video link below.

Worship from Cumbernauld Old Parish Church for Sunday 29th August

Rev Elspeth McKay

Last Monday, the minister intimated to the Kirk Session that she has received a call from Paisley Abbey and so will be leaving Cumbernauld Old at the end of October.
Elspeth said, “We will all very much miss our many friends in Cumbernauld, but I am reassured that you aren’t that far away down the M8!”

The minister will be on holiday from 4 – 11 September and if anyone needs urgent pastoral assistance during that time, please call the manse telephone number, where there will be an answering machine message giving details of whom to contact in her absence. Our deacon will be on annual leave from 6 – 19 September.

Presbytery of Glasgow

The Presbytery of Glasgow invites you to join them in welcoming the Church of Scotland congregations of Cumbernauld to the Presbytery on Thursday 2nd September at 7pm in St Mungo’s Parish Church, St Mungo’s Road, Cumbernauld Town Centre, G67 1BE

For all the latest news from Cumbernauld Old, please follow our Facebook page or Twitter feed or check out our website at www.cumbernauldold.org.uk

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