Remembrance Sunday at Cumbernauld Old

Sunday 14th November is Remembrance Sunday.
There will be an Act of Remembrance at the War Memorial in Cumbernauld Village at 10.45am followed by morning worship in the Parish Church at approximately 11.15am.
Worship will be led by Rev Phyllis Wilson.

If you are joining us in person, there is no longer any need to book in advance, but we do ask that you try to maintain a safe distance between yourself / your family group and other worshippers while in the church sanctuary.
You will still need to wear a face covering throughout the service, use the hand sanitiser provided on arrival and departure and leave your contact details for Test & Protect.
Hymn-sheets will be provided but you are very welcome to bring your own copy of the CH4 hymn-book if you have one.

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Remembrance Sunday poppies at Cumbernauld Old

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