Worship on Sunday 1st May

Our worship service on Sunday 1st May, the Third Sunday of Easter, will be held in the Parish Church at the usual time of 11.00am and will be led by Ivar Struthers, one of our elders and a Reader with the Church of Scotland. Everyone is welcome and we hope you can join us!

We also plan to livestream this service on our Facebook page at 11am on Sunday if you can’t be with us in person.

Pastoral Cover

Please note that our Deacon, Valerie Cuthbertson DCS, will be on annual leave from 2nd – 22nd May inclusive. During this period any member of the congregation in need of pastoral support should contact their Elder for help and advice. Should anyone require further information or contact details please speak to the Session Clerk.

Stated Annual Meeting

The congregation’s Stated Annual Meeting will take place in the Parish Church on Sunday 8th May, immediately after morning worship around 12 noon. The Stated Annual Meeting is open to everyone in the congregation and is your opportunity to hear about the annual accounts 2021 and the life of the Church in general. There will also be an opportunity for questions. All welcome!

‘Coffee Jar’ Offerings

If you have been collecting your small change in a jar over the autumn and winter, please bring your coins to the our worship service in church on Sunday 8th May. The proceeds from this year’s Coffee Jars offerings will be donated to the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Appeal. If you could transfer your coins from glass jars to bags beforehand where possible, this would be very helpful to those who deposit them at the bank. As ever, all donations will be most welcome and greatly appreciated and we thank you again for your generosity.

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