Property Team and Convener

Can you help?

Our Property convener, Matt Sime, is giving up his post after 8 years, and we are looking for a small team of volunteers from the church community, and / or family members or friends, who would be interested in taking on and sharing property tasks within the church properties. Around six people would be an ideal number.

All those interested would be invited to a meeting with Matt to look at all aspects of the role and try to match responsibilities to skills, capabilities and availability. It would be down to individuals to offer their time and talent in whatever way they could. The volunteers would take on the regular weekly tasks as required, so as not to overburden the Property Convenor.

It would include weekly Fire Alarm testing in the church and checks on fire extinguishers etc for any leaks. Arranging access to church properties for contractors / service engineers and plumber / electrician when required to carry out maintenance, servicing and repairs.

We are also looking for a volunteer who would be willing to take on the position of Property Convener,  as a point of contact for the church and liaison with Glasgow Presbytery as required. 

It is important that there are enough volunteers to take on the administration and practical responsibilities, as there are a small number of statutory and critical tasks that need to be done on a regular basis, otherwise the church cannot open for Health and Safety reasons. 

Volunteers are welcome from the congregation or the wider community. 
Full training will be given. 
Please contact Matt on or mobile 07707 868781, if you are able to offer any assistance. Thank you!


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