Worship on Sunday 26th March

Please join us for worship at Cumbernauld Old on Sunday 26th March when our service will take place in the Parish Church at 11.00am BST and will be led by Rev Fiona Crawford. Everyone welcome!
Remember to put your clocks forward an hour on Saturday night as British Summer Time starts this weekend.

Sunday’s service will also be live-streamed on our Facebook page for those who are unable to be with us in person.

As in previous years we are appealing for donations of chocolate Easter Eggs. If you are able, please bring your eggs to our worship service on Sunday 26th March. All donations will be passed on to our friends at Bethlehem House of Bread food bank to distribute. Your kindness is always greatly appreciated.

Also on Sunday 26th March, members of our Fairtrade Group will be participating in the service and you will have the opportunity to purchase your Fairtrade favourites at the end of the service. Going forward, we hope to have a Fairtrade stall available on the last Sunday of every month and we look forward to seeing you there.

Lent Discussion Group

The fourth of our Lent discussion sessions on prayer will be on Tuesday 28th March from 1.00pm until 2.00pm in the church sanctuary. All welcome!

Based around the Lord’s Prayer, this is part of an eight-week look at The Prayer Course, developed by Pete Greig, founder of 24/7 Prayer and is a safe space where we hear from Pete on video, have time for discussion, and a chance to explore different ways of praying.

The group is for everyone whether prayer is second nature to you, whether you struggle with it, whether it’s simply something you’d like to do more or whether you’d like to broaden your understanding of ways we can pray.


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