Rainbow Service – Sunday 27th November

Rainbow Service candles

Cumbernauld Old Parish Church will be holding our annual Rainbow Service on Sunday 27th November at 3pm.

This service aims to provide an opportunity for people who have been bereaved, recently or some time ago, to remember and reflect in a short time of worship together.
All welcome.

Please note: to respect the privacy of those attending, the Rainbow Service won’t be streamed or recorded online.

Ordination Service – Thursday 3rd November

Fiona Crawford and James Gemmell, Team Ministers at Cumbernauld Old and Kildrum / St Mungo’s, are being ordained as Ministers of Word and Sacrament on Thursday 3rd November 2022 and The Presbytery of Glasgow warmly invites all members of the congregation at Cumbernauld Old to attend a special service which takes place in St Mungo’s Parish Church, Cumbernauld at 7pm on Thursday 3rd November.

We would strongly encourage everyone in the congregation, if able, to attend this very special service which is not only a significant occasion for Fiona and James and their families and friends, but also a significant occasion for everyone at Cumbernauld Old and Kildrum / St Mungo’s. It would therefore be fantastic to have a great turnout from the congregation at Cumbernauld Old at this special service on Thursday 3rd November at 7pm in St Mungo’s. We hope to see you there!

Coffee with Zoom

fair-trade-coffee-jar-1Are you feeling bored, fed-up or stressed out with lockdown?
Cumbernauld Old Parish Church may just have a solution!
We are going to start a ‘Coffee and Chat’ virtual meet-up on Wednesday afternoons at 3pm using Zoom, starting on Wednesday 27th May.

You don’t need to have a computer to join in as you can use your telephone to join in the fun, as well as joining with video.

If you would like to come along, please comment below and we will give you the link nearer the time. Please let your friends and family know – the more, the merrier!

Bring your own coffee / tea (make it FairTrade, if you can!) and home-bakes!

Worship over the phone

Since the start of the current ‘lockdown’ Cumbernauld Old Parish Church has produced a recorded worship service each week that people can view online every Sunday, or when it is most convenient. Links to these are posted on our blog and also our website.

The minister has now set up a system for those who do not have access to the internet, but do have access to a telephone. Every week she will record a short service which can be accessed by calling 01236 809237.

The plan is to upload a new worship service every Saturday. There will be a short message and then the service will begin. The call should cost no more than a usual local call. Please let anyone you think would benefit from such a broadcast know about this new service. Thanks!

Letter from the Minister

Dear Friends

I wanted to be in touch with you all to let you know what is happening regarding life in Cumbernauld Old Parish Church.

As most of you will know by now, we received notification from the Church of Scotland that we are to cease gathering for worship immediately and that also applies to all activities that bring people together.  We are very saddened by this but you can still attend ‘virtual worship’ which will be recorded and if you would like to receive this, please let the Admin Group know and they can send you a weekly email with a link to the service.  Their email is Cumbernauld_old@outlook.com.

We will also be starting up a Facebook page for Cumbernauld Old and the plan is that there will be a short thought for the day posted there along with other ideas that will help us stay connected.  Please do link up with this Facebook page and post ideas and worship resources. There will also be regular updates to this blog.

Please do let us know any way that we can help, from a weekly telephone call just to check in to running errands.  We have volunteers who are ready and willing to help.  If you are speaking to anyone who might not be able to read this, please do let them know.

Please do all keep safe and if there is anything that we can do, please do let us know.  Feel free to contact your Elder or me directly.  The Manse number is 01236 728853.

We are living through very uncertain and upsetting times.  Please never feel alone, the Lord our God is with us through all of this and beyond.

With much love



Local Church Review

The Church of Scotland requires each Church to participate in a 5-yearly evaluation process that used to be known as a Quinquennial Review, but is now called a Local Church Review (LCR). Cumbernauld Old Parish Church will be starting our review process in March, with a final report to be completed for Falkirk Presbytery by June 2019.

The purpose of the Local Church Review is to ‘Review and Renew’. Reviewing gives us, as a congregation, an opportunity to identify, celebrate, and share with Presbytery the many things we do well as a Church family. This process will also give us the chance to plan for the future of Cumbernauld Old.

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Cumbernauld Old Poppy Project

The fixing of the poppies to create the Remembrance ‘waterfall’ at Cumbernauld Old Parish Church is going on at a fair pace and the panels are looking fantastic (see slideshow below). Elizabeth would like to thank to all the ladies who came to the two sessions last week. The Session House was really buzzing with around 12 volunteers each day. There was a tremendous feeling of fellowship and a lot of laughter, not to mention the coffee and the biscuits!

There will be another three sessions next week and everyone is welcome to come along and add their contribution to the project. You don’t need to stay the full time, just pop in for as long or as short a time as you can manage. Next week’s session times are:

  • Monday: 10am until 12 noon;
  • Tuesday: 1pm until 3pm;
  • Wednesday: 10am until 12 noon.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Cumbernauld & Kilsyth Baby Bank

Now that Cumbernauld Old’s support for the Life for African Mothers project has come to a natural conclusion, we thought it would now be appropriate to support new mothers and their children here in Cumbernauld through Cumbernauld and Kilsyth Baby Bank.

From now on, there will be a box in the vestibule of the church and the back of the hall at Balloch for donations. The ‘bank’ would appreciate anything suitable for babies or children up to 7 years of age, e.g.

  • Nappies
  • Baby toiletries
  • Blankets, towels
  • Wipes

Clothing doesn’t have to be new but should be in great condition and freshly laundered. Hand knits would also be appreciated.

You can find out more about the Cumbernauld & Kilsyth Baby Bank on their Facebook page. It is a project of Cumbernauld & Kilsyth Care, Scottish Charity SCO47347