Tidings of Comfort and Joy

Like many things this year, the annual Gift Service at Cumbernauld Old Parish Church was a bit different in that it was online.

What didn’t change was the response. The compassion and generosity of all who contributed was wonderful to behold. A great array of children’s toys & books, gifts for all ages and festive foods – not forgetting a selection of Cumbernauld Old’s very own chocolate orange Santa hats. If that were not enough, over £500 was donated in cash too.

Gift Service at Cumbernauld Old, 13-12-2020

All of the above has now been safely transported to Bethlehem House of Bread at Cornerstone who will distribute them on our behalf. The cash can be used to buy fresh items or gift vouchers for those in need – and there are many, including around 240 children who will benefit from your thoughtfulness.

So once again. a heartfelt thank you for the unwavering support of the food bank, especially in these strange and troubled times. Your kindness will indeed bring tidings of comfort and joy.

A safe & peaceful Christmas from all at the food bank

Journey to Bethlehem

Cumbernauld Old Parish Church invites you to Journey to Bethlehem with us.
Follow the Christmas story in a combination of a treasure hunt and a self-guided trail which you can do in your own time.

Located around Cumbernauld Village are twelve numbered posters, each with a picture representing part of the story of Christmas and a line from the Bible relating to that picture.
There’s a candle, crown, musical instruments, Bethlehem, angel, Mary, journey, scroll, shepherds, stable, wise men and star.
See how many you can find!
(Hint: the first poster is at the Church gate and the rest of the hint-list can be found at the end of this post.)

Each poster also has a QR code which you can scan on your mobile phone.
That will bring you to a page on our church website where you can read the Bible passage that goes with that picture. Click or tap on the picture on the website page to download a puzzle, quiz, colouring-in, craft, etc. all linked to the Christmas story and which younger people can do at home.
The posters are numbered 1 – 12 and that will take you through the Christmas story in sequence if you want to follow that, but you are more than welcome to scan the code on any of the posters you come across.

We hope you enjoy our new take on the Christmas story!

If you can’t get down to the Village you can also follow the ‘trail’ from the comfort of your own home by the links on our website.

Poster locations: Church gate, Purple Paws, the bakery, the florist, Cullen and Easton, Spar, the barber’s shop, Patterson and Hughes, the chemist, the Village Hall, Scragg, and the Village Noticeboard at the War Memorial.

Annual Gift Service

Cumbernauld Old Parish Church will be holding our annual Gift Service on Sunday 13th December. In recent years we have asked for donations of toys, etc. which have been distributed through our local food bank, but this year – not surprisingly – will be different.

Firstly, the worship service itself will be pre-recorded and available to view online. We’ll post the link later in the week. Donations of Christmas gifts can be left at the Manse front door up to and including the 13th December. They will be then taken up to Cornerstone for distribution.

However, the organisers, Bethlehem House of Bread, have said that whilst they are happy to receive gifts, they have requested monetary donations this year where possible to limit the handling of items. You can either donate directly by on-line banking (details can be obtained from Elspeth) or if you bring it to the Manse in a sealed envelope we will ensure your donation gets passed on.

Thank you.

Christmas is not cancelled!

Yes, we know it is still mid-November, but we wanted to put the message out there that Christmas is not cancelled! Although we won’t be able to do ‘Follow the Star’ again this year due to all the restrictions, we have other things ‘up our sleeve’ to celebrate Christmas and the birth of Christ in 2020.

First of all, there will be an online Advent Calendar which will be published every day from 1st December to 24th December on our Facebook page and Church website. Each day there will be a Bible reading and reflection and some days will have art, music or video as well.

There will also be an interactive ‘Journey to Bethlehem,’ an Advent trail through the Parish telling the Christmas story which can be done individually at any time. There will be posters and a trail to follow. The posters will have QR codes which will link to relevant Bible readings and downloadable activities for younger people. Think of a ‘treasure trail’ with the treasure being the Christmas story! Read more here.

We will also be having our Nativity / Gift Service, Rainbow Service, Watchnight service and Christmas Day Worship online only this year. Links will be posted on 13th December for the Nativity / Gift Service and the Rainbow Service, on 24th December for the Watchnight service and 25th December for Christmas Day Worship.

So, we can say for certain that there’s lots going on and that Christmas has definitely not been cancelled this year. Watch this space!

Worship for Sunday 11th October

We invite you to join us for worship at Cumbernauld Old Parish Church when this week’s service will be our Harvest Thanksgiving. Worship is led by our minister, Rev Elspeth McKay and is available here

Worship from Cumbernauld Old Parish Church for Sunday 11th October

We have been inviting people locally to donate items of non-perishable goods and hand them in to the Manse for forwarding to people in need through the local food bank. To say we have been amazed and humbled by the response is an understatement – you can see some of the donations in the video.

If you would like to donate non-perishable goods, e.g dried goods such as rice or pasta, tinned goods, toiletries, etc. this year, please bring them to the Manse in Baronhill and leave them by the front door. (The front door is the one which one enters via the gates in Baronhill, next to the church.) We will take all your donations to our friends at Cornerstone House in the Town Centre next week and they will be distributed through the food bank there. Many thanks to you all!

Time for Reflection

Our next ‘Time for Reflection’ in Cumbernauld Old will be on Sunday 18th October at 11am. The Time for Reflection will provide an opportunity for people to come and reflect and pray for half an hour in the church building. In order to ensure as safe an environment as possible, we need to limit the number of people who can attend and so an advance booking system will be in operation. A letter with details of how our Sunday gatherings will work in practice, including how to ‘book’ your place to attend, has been sent to our members.

Please check out our Facebook page for all the latest news from Cumbernauld Old.

Harvest Generosity

This Sunday is our Harvest Festival at Cumbernauld Old and, as we won’t be able to worship in the church building, we had asked if people could perhaps drop off some Harvest gifts at the Manse for passing on to our sister Food Bank at Cornerstone House.

Suffice to say, we have been both amazed and humbled by the enormous generosity of the people in our community. Elspeth has taken the gifts received so far and laid them out at the church. The photos below will give you some idea of the astonishing response to our appeal, and it’s still only Thursday!

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you! For the difference it will make to those who will receive the goods you have donated, many, many thanks!

Harvest Thanksgiving

Cumbernauld Old Parish Church is planning to hold our Harvest Thanksgiving service on Sunday 11th October. As with most of our worship services just now, it will take a different form from what we have been used to in the past.

Our worship service will be online, and we’ll post a link nearer the time, but we are still inviting people to donate items of non-perishable goods and hand them in and we will forward them to ensure they are delivered to people in need.

If you can and if you would like to donate non-perishable goods, e.g dried goods such as rice or pasta, tinned goods, toiletries, etc. this year, please bring them to the Manse in Baronhill and leave them by the front door. (The front door is the one which does not face the road! If you go down the little path by the side of the Manse or come in through the gate in the wall, slide the gate in the fence, and leave bags etc under cover by the front door, that would be wonderful, thank-you.)

We will then take the bags over to Cornerstone in the Town Centre and your harvest gifts will be distributed through the food bank there.

If you would like to donate any items, but have no transport, please let us know and we will try to arrange something. Many thanks to you all!

Christian Aid Week – Sunday 10th May

Sunday 10th May marks the start of Christian Aid Week 2020 and our worship service at Cumbernauld Old Parish Church has a Christian Aid Week theme this week.

The service is now available online and can be viewed at https://vimeo.com/415988588. You can watch it any time you like, but why not join us at 11am on Sunday morning when we can all watch it together. We might be in several locations but we can still be together in one place.

As with all our worship services this Sunday’s service is available to all, so please feel free to share with any family or friends. Please also check out our Facebook page for all the latest news from Cumbernauld Old.

For more information about Christian Aid Week 2020, and to donate if you wish, please visit their website. Thank you!